We do our homework, and we are always prepared.  Each transaction is important to us.


We champion the reasonable value of medical services rendered. Purchasers deserve a fair price. Providers deserve a fair reimbursement.  We will advocate for a reasonable transaction and a sustainable healthcare economy.


We seek dramatic change in form and appearance through ongoing innovation, transparency, and evaluation. Our work tomorrow will be better than our work today, not merely in quality but in effectiveness and efficiency.


We honor the provider, show compassion to the disadvantaged patient, help the payer maintain financial wellness, and educate the healthcare industry towards best practices.  Our work and our tools only have value when our customers are successful.  We will not waver from that mission.


 We hold the healthcare industry accountable to the marketplace through case law.  All participants in the healthcare system deserve fairness;  Providers; patients; and payers.  The principle of universal fairness drives our work.

"At WellRithms we don't do things the easy way, we do things the right way."

- Jordan Weintraub

VP, Claims