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Shouldn’t you be working with a medical bill review partner who digs deep enough to guarantee and protect your risk? 

Someone with the expertise to review medical records and high-cost claims line by line to ensure you’re not overpaying?


Abusive medical billing hurts everyone. Employers. Union trusts. Members. Employees.
Yet the problem is rampant.

When it comes to your claims, the people you’d expect to dig for billing errors, fraud, and abuse probably aren’t doing what you think, leaving your hard-earned money on the table.

Is that what you expect from a well-paid partner?

No one offers you more protection than WellRithms because no one has more legal, medical, and technical expertise. This is why we’re the only payment integrity partner that will fully shield you from financial and legal liability, moving the risk of excessive claims off your hands into ours. 

We dig deeper for you, and we guarantee the results.

Ask About the WellRithms Savings Guarantee

WellRithms guarantees you will pay for what is fair and accurate.

We are backed by a captive insurance company that allows for the transfer of all legal and financial liability from the payer to WellRithms, thereby guaranteeing the recommended payment amount.  Shield Indemnification protects carriers, plans, and members from the adverse impact of litigation expenses and balance billing tactics.

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Pre-Payment Integrity

WellRithms is committed to working in the best interest of the fiduciary.  We’re helping organizations significantly reduce healthcare claims costs while delivering unmatched member protection and guaranteed savings.

Backed by Shield Indemnification

Construction Workers

Workers' Compensation

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Specialty Medical Bill Review

WellRithms maximizes savings for the self-insured by augmenting existing bill review services to address industry gaps, increase savings, and improve cost containment outcomes.

Backed by Shield Indemnification

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