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Medical overbilling costs payors and patients billions of dollars every year. WellRithms helps eliminate those losses by reviewing bills, repricing them, and guaranteeing the savings.

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Our Perspective

Enough is enough.

Rampant medical billing abuse hurts everyone. WellRithms was founded to address the emotional and financial stress of our broken healthcare system. By identifying and eliminating billing waste, we help fiduciaries, trustees, and employers provide quality health benefits for every plan participant.

Who We Serve


Payors of self-funded health benefit plans deserve better.

Group Health Plans

Expertly serving Self-Funded Employers, Union Trusts, Brokers & Consultants, and TPAs, revolutionizing healthcare billing across diverse industry markets.

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Workers’ Comp

Of every 1,000 workers’ compensation claims, 2 exceed $1 million. Many of these bills are intentionally inflated.

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Why WellRithms

Key Differentiators

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Our advanced platform is built upon physician-trained algorithms that scrub every bill at the line-item level, for excessive, inaccurate, and unjustified charges. We have, hands-down, the most advanced payment integrity technology for automating this process. Most issues are caught and corrected by our automated system.

Flagged, complex bills that require more attention are reviewed by physicians and surgeons who understand the medicine behind medical billing.

Other companies use medical coders and nurses for bill review. You simply cannot do appropriate medical bill review without understanding that medicine behind the bill.

Our Sustainable Claims Pricing goes beyond obsolete Reference-Based Pricing multiples of Medicare. Our reimbursements are based on hospital costs, allowing for pricing that is reasonable, fair, and legally defensible.

WellRithms has more than 25 years of experience defending fair reimbursement in courts throughout the country and setting case law. The courts continue to rule that our reimbursement methodology is fair and reasonable.

WellRithms will protect a group plan, its members, and workers comp payors from all legal and financial risk associated with a disputed claim. We indemnify these parties through our innovative insurance captive (AMI Indemnity) and WellRithms Shield. No other company is willing to assume the liability of a medical claim. With WellRithms Shield patients are relieved from aggressive balance billing tactics and collection agency threats.

Inside Voices

WellRithms Experts on Stage


HBCE Presenters:
Matthew Jacobs  |  WellRithms Chief Business Development Officer
Sebastian Arcelus  |  Actor & SAG AFTRA Member


NLMC Presenters:
Anna Quarum  |  WellRithms Chief Operations Officer
Travis Smith  |  Foster & Foster President of Health & Welfare


WellRithms' Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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Shield Indemnification™

Guaranteeing our recommended payment amount

Shield Indemnification™ protects carriers, plans, and members from the adverse impact of litigation expenses and balance billing tactics.

We are backed by a captive insurance company that allows for the transfer of all legal and financial liability from the payor to WellRithms, thereby guaranteeing the recommended payment amount.

Client Testimonials


Discover how WellRithms has transformed healthcare reimbursement for our clients. Read firsthand accounts of our success stories striving to deliver precise, fair, and effective solutions.

“WellRithms helped me so much when medical companies were bullying me and sending bills out of nowhere years after the incident. SO grateful for them.”

“I immediately felt relieved and like I was in good hands when I contacted Wellrithims for help with some medical bills I’d incurred. They were so attentive, reassuring, and kind, that I wasn’t at all surprised when they successfully reduced my debt considerably.”

“You guys are slowly slaying the dragon. I’ve heard nothing [from collections]. They’re afraid of you! Who are you guys? A secret league of crimefighters?? Thanks so much again!”

“We have not received anything at this time [from collections]. Thank you for everything. You’re a godsend!”

“…the indemnification part seemed too good to be true…but ultimately, I decided to do it. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

“No one’s ever contacted me again. Many people have asked me what this company did for me…They waved some sort of magic wand. That’s what it feels like.”

“The entire process was amazing. You checked in every month, and when you weren’t working on the case anymore, someone else continued to do that. I felt like I got explanations every step of the way. It was seamless.”

“It was a great experience, and I’m glad that you exist.”

“…for the first time in months, I had hope that there was a potential resolution. So, I can’t thank you guys enough, it was a great experience, and I’m glad that you exist.”

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