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Chief Medical Officer

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Weintraub, MD

Ira Weintraub MD, Chief Medical Officer for WellRithms, has practiced orthopedic surgery for 40 years. His surgical expertise is in joint replacement, and he has been associated with Dr. Quarum for 30 years, gaining insight into healthcare billing. Besides being the managing partner in his own clinic, he started a successful surgery center that continues to be a center of excellence in the Portland area to this day.  Fair and transparent payment to providers along with integrity and the elimination of fraud in medical billing has been Dr. Weintraub’s great attraction to WellRithms.
Decades of experience on the provider side, and chairing and working with numerous hospital and surgery center associations, have given him a unique and deep understanding of medical treatments and the complexity of the business of healthcare. Having developed close relationships with a vast network of providers, he also brings additional specialty-specific expertise to WellRithms. In his spare time, Dr. Weintraub is a golf addict.

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