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founder & chief executive officer

The cornerstone of Dr. Quarum’s vision is transforming healthcare through transparent and economically sustainable payment practices.  Dr. Quarum was a practicing physician and, since 1990, has worked in various aspects of the insurance industry, combating abusive and fraudulent billing practices.  As Chief Executive Officer of WellRithms, Inc., Dr. Quarum focuses on the self-funding community, providing financial wellness using proven algorithms.  He is an expert in medical bill review and associated litigation, having frequently appeared as an expert witness for many large insurance companies and payers and has been instrumental in establishing case law with respect to healthcare reimbursement.  Formerly, Dr. Quarum served as a consultant and medical director for many organizations, both public and private, and, in recent years, co-authored the critically recognized book “Stop Paying the Crooks,…” with Newt Gingrich.

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