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  • UCR Repricing

       75% Avg Savings in UCR States

  • Stop Loss Outlier Repricing

       40% Average Savings on Every Bill

  • Ambulance and Air Ambulance

       81% Average Savings Off of Billed Charges

Ask About the WellRithms Savings Guarantee

WellRithms guarantees you will pay for what is fair and accurate.

We are backed by a captive insurance company that allows for the transfer of all legal and financial liability from the payer to WellRithms; thereby, guaranteeing the recommended payment amount.  Shield Indemnification protects the plan and the member from the adverse impact of balance billing practices.  Provider balance billing and collection threats are ineffective and unenforceable.

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How We Work

WellRithms uses a multilayered reimbursement approach that includes advanced medical experience, data analysis, proprietary and proven processes to review medical claims and determine the right price for medical services.  For the payer, WellRithms detects and eliminates errors, fraud and abusing billing to maximize savings on every bill.  For providers, WellRithms champions appropriate and equitable reimbursement for services.  And your people just win!

Three Steps to Understanding Our Payment Integrity Process
Why WellRithms?

Since 2014, WellRithms has served as the industry leader in healthcare cost-containment reimbursement methodology for the commercial and self-funded markets.  

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Itemized Bill Review

WellRithms cleans every claim with our line-by-line Classification, Edits, and Audits (CEA) system to uncover coding errors, inappropriate and duplicative charges, and more.


Clean claims are repriced using multiple data sources and proprietary algorithms to determine a fair and reasonable payment amount.

Shield Saving Guarantee

Our reimbursement determination is backed by WellRithms Shield, an ERISA compliant risk transfer tool protecting the plan and patient from financial liability above the plan's allowable amount.

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Getting Started

If you’re ready to see what’s possible with WellRithms, prepare your worst claims for us, no matter how many.  We’ll review and tell you how much you could save, at no cost or commitment to you.

Step 1 - Schedule a Call
Step 2 - Meet with Us 

Pick a date and time that works best for you. 

We’ll discuss your problem claims and how we can help. 

Step 3 - Send Us Your Claims

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how much you could save, at no cost or commitment to you. 

*Source:  Beckers Hospital Review

Schedule a Call
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Tel: (971) 238-1895

3718 SW Condor Ave, Suite 100

Portland, OR 97239

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