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Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Merrit Quarum brings a distinguished career in business and medicine to his founding of WellRithms in 2014. Dr. Quarum practiced occupational medicine before founding Qmedtrix in 1996, a bill review service provider for workers’ compensation claims. He led the company through its successful growth and sale in 2016 to Mitchell International and KKR.
As a practicing physician, Dr. Quarum saw firsthand the disconnect between insurance carriers, payors, and healthcare provider systems. That led him to seek how to simplify payor and reimbursement models to better serve community plan members, patients, and fellow physicians that insurance carriers profess to serve.

To fill this void in the industry, he built the first integrated utilization management / bill review system and worked with Liberty Mutual Insurance to manage their largest customer, United Parcel Service. The system was also installed in Golden Eagle Insurance Company, a Liberty Mutual subsidiary, based in San Diego, CA.  As medical director, Dr. Quarum obtained extensive court experience and became a qualified legal expert in medical reimbursement.  He is responsible for several precedent setting cases in California and Arizona and numerous favorable opinions throughout the country. 

Dr. Quarum graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University and did a neuropharmacology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. He is a board certified Diplomate with the American Board of Forensic Medicine, and has served as a board director for Portland Rescue Mission since 2002. 

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