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99% Savings, WellRithms Saved Thousands on a Neurosurgery Procedure

This week, WellRithms reviewed a medical claim from a Neurosurgery Assistant in New York City who charged $195,000 for a two-level Laminotomy procedure on a herniated intervertebral disc, “a common procedure for a Neurosurgeon”, says, Ira Weintraub M.D., Chief Medical Officer of WellRithms. The reimbursement recommended by WellRithms for this claim was $1,702, which is less than 1% of billed charges. It’s “an opportunists play”, says Dr. Weintraub, “we often see assistants bill the same amount as the surgeons in hopes of being paid more than what’s reasonable or fair.” He continues, “The fair and reasonable payment to the primary surgeon in this case would be approximately $8,512, the assistant would be paid 20% of that price. Anyone that bills $195,000 for this surgery is just unreasonable and is throwing pasta against the wall hoping something sticks for a big payday.

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