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Don't Settle for a Discount!

Our team at WellRithms uncovered a new case this week, where a client was hit with a whopping $559,674.39 bill for a patient’s 14-day hospital stay for a lung transplant associated with COVID-19.

Initially, the bill was reduced to 75% of the charges ($419,755.80) based on a stop loss allowance, but our team went further. Not only did we deny a $136,000 organ acquisition charge due to lack of proper documentation, but we also reduced charges for ICU room and board, drugs, IV solutions, and supplies!

"As a physician, I know the importance of having proper documentation to substantiate the charges," says Ira Weintraub M.D., Chief Medical Officer of WellRithms. "Our comprehensive approach to medical bill review not only ensures accuracy, but also protects patients and health plans from overcharges. Unfortunately, we see undocumented charges daily, but we're glad to catch them!"

The result? An additional $151,608.15 saved! This case proves that a thorough and in-depth medical bill review can lead to big savings.

Don't settle for just a percentage of billed charges.


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