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How WellRithms Saved Patients 97.7% on an Anesthesia Bill

This week, we received a $13K bill from an anesthesiologist for a patient receiving general anesthesia for 39 minutes during a procedure.

A standard anesthesia formula of base units, time units, and a conversion factor is used to calculate the medical charges for anesthesia. WellRithms’ bill review system, Harmony™, flags all anesthesia claims to ensure proper calculation.

As a result, the bill was accurately recalculated to $320.17, resulting in a savings of 97.7% off of billed charges.

We often wonder what providers are thinking when they tack on exorbitant charges. Are they trying to buy a new sports car? We review and accurately reprice claims so our clients don't ever worry about overpaying.

Don't let outrageous medical bills catch you off guard.

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