Workers’ Compensation Services

The pinnacle of predictive analytics and advanced technology for an innovative, dynamic approach to healthcare reimbursement.

Bill Review has advanced, your solution has not

The reimbursement landscape has evolved; traditional solutions no longer suffice.

You may be satisfied with your current savings. WellRithms is set to redefine those expectations. With a fusion of:

  • Advanced Technology Enhancements
  • Expert Medical Oversight
  • Tested Legal Strategy
  • Legacy Industry Leadership
  • Never Before Seen Savings Opportunities

We elevate billing accuracy and fairness to new heights. Every bill undergoes a meticulous evaluation to prevent overpayment. We audit for errors, waste, and abuse, apply precise repricing when needed, and confidently stand by the savings we deliver, ensuring our work holds up under scrutiny.

Don’t let your bill review solution be on the wrong side of history.




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And Rising

That’s the average cost of a workers’ comp medical bill. And it’s inflated by overbilling.

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Specialty Bill Review


See how WellRithms can save you money, especially around high-dollar claims.


WellRithms offers specialized repricing services in Usual, Customary, Reasonable (UCR) states, focusing on bills not subject to state fee schedules. So why should you be paying a network access fee for a discount that doesn’t even save you money?

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Stop Loss Outlier Inpatient Physician Review

Never before seen savings are now available in these fee schedule states.

Some providers in fee schedule states take advantage of outlier rules by using inflationary billing tactics to increase prices and secure higher payments.

WellRithms exposes these overcharges and ensures the allowed charges are accurate, significantly reducing costs.

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Air & Ground Ambulance Review & Repricing

Air and ground ambulance bills often come with hidden fees and egregious charges. WellRithms spots unbundled charges and assesses transport services based on medical necessity, ensuring that every bill is accurate before payment is made.

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Shield Indemnification™

Guaranteeing our recommended payment amount

Shield Indemnification™ protects carriers, plans, and members from the adverse impact of litigation expenses and balance billing tactics.

We are backed by a captive insurance company that allows for the transfer of all legal and financial liability from the payor to WellRithms, thereby guaranteeing the recommended payment amount.

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