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Employers are Losing Faith in Healthcare System’s Billing Integrity

If you think your group health plan and participants are paying too much for hospital care, you’re in good company. More than half of employers have lost confidence in the billing integrity of hospitals and others in the health care system, according to a recent employer survey.

High cost claims and hospital costs are two of the top three culprits afflicting health plan sponsors.

For any plan sponsor—employer group, union, or municipality—the report is well worth the read. It’s an indictment of a system that’s the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the country.

Hospital care and surgeries are expensive even when they’re billed fairly. Billing corruption has become rampant, though, and the big insurance companies no longer monitor the integrity of medical billing. That’s because it’s no longer their money at stake when most employers self-insure.

There’s a new model of payment integrity and WellRithms is at the forefront of it. We typically save payors 70% or more when we review and reprice their bills based on hospitals’ underlying costs.

Read more about what employers around the country think about the value they’re getting, or not, from the healthcare system. PowerPoint Presentation (

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