Advanced Automation with OPUS™

Faster, more efficient review that leads to more savings for you and your members.

Meet OPUS™

OPUS™ is our proprietary machine-learning algorithm that automates the bill review process by extracting data from itemized bills and flagging inaccuracies for thorough line-by-line physician review. OPUS™ makes the review process faster and more accurate.



Claims adjudicated 20x faster than using manual review methods.

Why OPUS™?

Employing a combination of automation and clinical expertise means:

  • Our process is scalable to accommodate high claims volume.
  • There’s no minimum dollar threshold for Itemized Bill Review (IBR).
  • We classify claims and remove services that are incidental, bundled, or inclusive to the primary procedure and included in facility capital costs.
  • We can ensure charges are consistent with the hospital’s reported costs submitted to the government.

Want to Know More?

Let’s talk about how we can level the paying field by fighting for fair reimbursement.

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