Network Replacement

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Network Replacement

Next-Generation Pricing

WellRithms transforms healthcare billing with secure, innovative pricing and unmatched protection for members and plans.

  • Innovative Alternative to PPOs: Explore beyond traditional networks with WellRithms’ comprehensive claim review and repricing.
  • Guaranteed Outcomes: Trust in our proven repricing process, offering assured savings and financial predictability.
  • Shield Indemnification™ Protection: Stay safeguarded against balance billing and collection attempts, ensuring peace of mind for members.
  • Unenforceable Collections: WellRithms makes balance billing efforts futile, upholding member protection at every turn.
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Savings Impact

Savings Impact Off the Billed Amount

RBP Cleanup

Ensuring disputes are resolved with accuracy and fairness, backed by full legal and financial support.

  • Expert Intervention: WellRithms steps in when balance billing and reimbursement disputes remain unresolved, ensuring seamless resolution.
  • Full Responsibility Assurance: Taking on complete legal and financial responsibility for claims, providing peace of mind for plans.
  • Defensible Reimbursement: Offering resolutions based on defensible reimbursement rates that accurately reflect provided treatments.
  • Conflict Resolution: Streamlining the process to settle disputes, reinforcing the plan’s position with a solid foundation.
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Savings Impact

Savings Impact Off the Billed Amount

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