In & Out-of-Network Review & Repricing

Accuracy and fairness in every reimbursement.

Review. Reprice. Relief.

Whether through preset discounts or averages based on average multipliers of Medicare, billing errors, anomalies, and abuse are often overlooked under the guise of set savings. WellRithms’ in-and-out of network review and repricing process makes sure that doesn’t happen.



The average savings on all out-of-network claims.

In-Network Bill Review

WellRithms doesn’t let “discounts” get in the way of fair, accurate pricing.

  • Payment Accuracy: Ensure that payments reflect the genuine care received by the patient.
  • Enhanced Plan Savings: Unearth hidden discrepancies and rectify them to boost savings.
  • Clinical Validation: Employing a combination of automation and clinical expertise to provide the gold standard in payment integrity.

Out-of-Network Review and Repricing

WellRithms doesn’t settle for the average. Pay only for what’s fair and for the care you received.

  • Minimized Risk: Paired with Shield Indemnification™, the days of overpaying providers are over.
  • Consistent Returns: Designed to provide robust savings year after year.
  • Pre-payment review & repricing to capture savings on every claim.
  • Control the rising costs of out-of-network claims.
  • Minimize provider appeals and maximize savings with fair reimbursement.

Want to Know More?

Let’s talk about how we can level the paying field by fighting for fair reimbursement.

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