Shield Indemnification™

Optimal savings and an unparalleled layer of protection.

Introducing an unprecedented solution

With Shield Indemnification™, WellRithms assumes the liability from your company. This means once you pay our reimbursement recommendation, your financial obligation is met, and we handle everything thereafter.


months and $4,000 on average

The average time and amount it costs to dispute a claim.

How does Shield protect me?

Shield ensures that members are protected, supported, and free from the worries of unforeseen costs and complications.

  • Eliminate Balance Billing: Members can be at ease knowing they won’t face unexpected charges after the fact.
  • Unmatched Member Support: Our dedicated team is always available, ensuring members feel guided and supported throughout their billing journey.
  • Peace of Mind: With the security of Shield Indemnification, members can focus on their health without the looming fear of financial surprises.

Want to Know More?

Let’s talk about how we can level the paying field by fighting for fair reimbursement.

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